The project “FAMILIES AND INDEPENDENT LIFE IN MENTAL ILLNESS” proposes the analysis of activities and regulatory conditions favouring the independence of people with mental disorders by comparing the knowledge and experiences of three family associations working in the field of mental health in three European capital cities: Rome, Madrid and Lisbon.

The project is part of the small-scale Erasmus+ projects, which gives the opportunity also to small organisations such as non-profit associations to participate in transnational activities, as well as to compare and enrich their skills through the experiences of similar organisations.

Through this project, the roles that families play in the pathways towards independent living of the most fragile people and the good practices implemented by the associations to support and stren- gthen the families involved are highlighted.

The main objective is to enhance the role of family associations through a comparison between dif- ferent European realities and to initiate the creation of a first transnational network of associations active in the field of supporting the independent life of their loved ones.

The project envisages the production of a final report that will contain:

l The different residential solutions and services offered to people in the three cities, depending on the degree of intensity of care required, from residences to independent flats in the three cities l Examples of activities carried out by some associations of family members in three European capitals to support paths towards independent living l Some good practices that have yielded positive results in supporting the independent living of some people, with indications of the conditions that have facilitated their realisation

The project also includes many meetings and discussions in the three countries involved with family members, people with mental disorders, associations, representatives of the social and health sectors and other interested parties in order to receive suggestions and possible future developments.

The results of the project will gradually be posted on the partners’ websites:




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